Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tips for a Natural Makeup Look

When makeup is easier to make mistakes and fall into extremes. Notes to make you look young without looking disguise.

Tips for a Natural Makeup Look

Here are Natural Makeup Look Tips:

Do not overdo the base.
The first is to find a base that is the same shade of your skin, apply all over your face and neck with upward and gentle strokes to prevent redden.

No hidden the arrugas.
The lines are not the enemy, they are signals of experience that never contradict want to look young. If you try to cover them very base, you will achieve the opposite effect and make me look deeper. Enlighten them with a concealer brush with a lighter than your skin tone.

Do not abuse the shadows.
While metallic shades are all the rage, it is better not to get excited a lot with them. If you will use, other than around the eyelid because they add up years.

Do not check your cheeks.
Red and terracotta should disappear from your makeup that accentuate skin imperfections. Use blush pink or pastel shades giving a youthful touch.

No red rouge.
The intense colors accentuate the cracks in the mouth, so look for a semitransparent tone, pink or coral wine.

Tones the skin.
Before applying makeup, passes through the invigorating face with a cotton ball. This will help the makeup last longer and your skin look fresh and radiant during the day.

Do not overdo the mascara.
Use a layer to give volume to the eyelashes. Use clear mascara is also a good option to give definition without recharging look.

Top 5 Tips to relieve sunburn

The skin is the outer tissue of the body most affected by sun exposure . The effects of the sun on this can cause irritation, burns, wrinkles and blemishes that can stay for life on our skin. As a preventive measure it is best to act immediately to relieve pain, swelling and reduce discomfort in our skin.

If your skin has been overexposure to sunlight , here are 5 tips to relieve sunburn.

1. Take  cold showers or warm to avoid prolonging the skin burns with hot water, because it causes burning and irritation .

2. Apply honey will help heal burns, it helps to clean the burned area .

3. Make a mask made ​​potato help as a soothing and anti - irritant. It should be applied directly on the burn to achieve decrease pain and reduce blisters .

4. The vinegar will help prevent infection in the burned areas of skin diluted in water and using it as a rinse in the affected area.

5. Remove the gel from aloe vera and apply it on the burned area will help drastically reduce swelling and burning .

Tips for using leggings properly

Over time the leggings have become a basic garment in the wardrobe of any woman , but very few girls know to use them properly, that because some wear under a dress, replacing pants, etc.

Below are some tips so you can use them the right way.

It is not recommended to use them under a dress, but with blouses or sweaters long.

This type of pants are not very thick, so it is recommended to wear underwear the same color to avoid any discomfort.

Before buying a new one, it is best to try them and see who really are your size. This will avoid spending any embarrassment.

If you're a girl thick body, it is best to wear leggings with large prints.

The leggings are thin and wear white, you could cause everyone see your underwear and that would be a little uncomfortable.

If you have cellulite, it is best to avoid leggings thin and thick is best to use patterns.

Remember that there are no sports clothing, so sweat could cause an unpleasant sensation occurs.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Five expert advice to remove eye bags from your face

The skin around the eyes is very thin so sometimes reveals candled capillaries giving a bluish hue to the area for having lots of blood vessels. This bluish tint is most noticeable when we are tired because fatigue impairs circulation and veins swell. The eye contour is an area in which with the passage of time , a hypermobility muscle occurs and where the fat is evolving in a different way to the rest of the facial skin. In addition, habits such as snuff, alcohol, exposure Insomnia cold sun. and crying aggravate this type of dark circles.

The expert adds that not confuse dark circles with bags that form under the eyes) the most common dark circles are sunken dark circles are caused by subsidence level lagrimar and nasojugal groove and usually also produce by aging and fat loss that area. The skin of the eyelid is the thinnest on the body and is subjected to large muscle movements. In youth texture is consistent and smooth the surface it is immaculate and the color is uniform, as we age, the orbital bone widens causing further sinking of the eye and increased fat in the area around the eye causing most prominent dark circles. a sign of premature aging is deepening the groove tear or valley of tears, ie, a demarcation occurs between the thin skin of the eyelid and the thick skin of the cheek.

Sunken definitive solution to dark circles

Sunken dark circles are ideal for filling with hyaluronic acid. The result is a more rested and youthful face. Hyaluronic acid supports the tissues for this area look more evenly also deeply moisturizes the skin.

How does it apply? Hyaluronic acid is injected into the lacrimal groove area to fill and lift the area. It is a painless and quick procedure done in one session, without causing bruising, with the possibility of immediately inserted activities.

According to expert, hyaluronic acid is maintained for approximately year in this area. Can be used as a facial filler because it is not permanent, the body will reabsorb slowly, naturally. It can also be reinjected with time if deemed necessary. The filling can be adapted to the anatomical characteristics of each individual, which they change over the years. it is important that the substances are resorbable and non - permanent in the event that the person does not stay happy with the result, as you can expect the body to eliminate or applying substances that dissolve the filler within hours, returning to its initial position and is also vital that always hyaluronic acid is applied by a qualified professional.

The specialist provides the following tips to prevent dark circles disappear or at least conceal them:

1. Sleep is necessary: ​​Lack of sleep and stress are some of the main generators of dark circles, so it is recommended to rest for at least 8 hours a day.

2. Avoid excess salt: This product infaltable meals is one of the causes of fluid retention, the also present in the area of the eye

3. Take advantage of the benefits of tea and chamomile: Both are great allies against dark circles. Use cold compresses of cotton soaked in the liquid or the same bags, for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Apply cold: This will help to shrink the area. You can use ice wrapped in a cloth or put two teaspoons in the freezer and apply for a few minutes.

5. Do not smoke: the snuff is the best friend of dark circles, If you smoke when you have dark circles you're helping to keep dark circles forever so say goodbye to cigarettes.

Best beauty tips to look perfect on your wedding day

Marrying the person you love is one of the most magical experiences you'll ever live. Say "yes I do" to the love of your life is a feeling impossible to describe in words and a memory that will become part of the album of unforgettable moments. And precisely because the day of your wedding will be one of the most important in your life, you should spend all the pampering, care and time it deserves. Think that when the day comes only link you'll have a chance for everything goes well and so you can look beautiful, radiant, dramatic and full of energy. To give you overlook nothing happens, we selected 7 essential tips for you to look amazing on your wedding day and be as perfect as you dreamed.

Best beauty tips to look perfect on your wedding day

7 tips to be perfect on your wedding day 

1. Make organizing your best weapon 
Make no mistake: we organize a wedding requires time and patience many, and you've probably already begun to check. You'll spend many months with nerves, stress and headaches trying to organize your wedding with your partner. In fact, when it seems like you have everything under control, new doubts arise, new tasks and new elections. There are few decisions: style wedding, budget, decorations, groomsmen, bridesmaids, invitations, catering, hairstyle, guests and the "wonderful" task of deciding who sat with whom , photographer, flowers, clothing ... And much, much more. But there is a solution to enjoy -yes, enjoy- the process and have fun planning your wedding without your future husband and you may have to end up exhausted: the organization! Prepare a schedule of activities that includes a realistic schedule, allocates a portion of your time to organize your wedding without having to interfere with your other activities of the day and make a list that includes everything you need to keep in mind from the most general and to the smallest detail. In this way you can distribute your time without risking your health and your relationship with your partner.

2. Treat yourself and treat yourself to a sensory experience 
On your wedding day you will be the protagonists, but as a bride you have all points to become the center of attention. Therefore it is normal in the world you want to look radiant, perfect and stunning on your big day, but for this you must start preparing much earlier. And that means occasionally have to give yourself a break and forget everything. You have to find time for yourself, to relax, to take care and pamper yourself. To do this, nothing better than the gift of a day spa, a massage or any other sensory experience that takes you to relax through your senses. Not only will help you unwind and get rid of all the toxins stress but also leave your skin much more smooth, beautiful and full of vitality.

3. Take care of your body and seeks balance 
And if to look spectacular on your wedding day is important to look after your health, it is also essential to take care of your body. Ideally, you begin to prepare for the wedding a month earlier. Reduce sodium intake, alcohol and caffeine. The first two cause fluid retention and if you stop consuming about three or four weeks before your wedding you will come despite 1 to 3 kilos less !, while if you abuse caffeine you'll be at risk of dehydration and that his time will cause your skin dry. Similarly, it consumes lots of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially if you want to lose weight, remember that miracles do not exist so shuns all drastic diets that could jeopardize your health. In fact, for women who want to lose weight safely and do not want to diet, it is increasingly common to undergo a star of the operations of aesthetic clinics: liposuction. It is thanks to this body cosmetic surgery can get rid of localized fat thighs, abdomen or any other part of your body without having to submit to dangerous diets. And besides that you can do it in record time.

4. Prepare your hair for the big day 
Some say that hair is part of the face. The truth is that few things influence both the beauty of a woman hairstyle. A healthy, well maintained and groomed hair can make any woman look wonderful, and if you hit well with the hairstyle, you still see a lot more beautiful and radiant. So take the time necessary to think how you're going to comb your hair. Hire a professional to help you comb your hair for your wedding, and note that it is better not to wash your hair the same day hairstyle. Most designers prefer the hair with some natural fat so that the hair stays in place throughout the celebration.

5. Enhance the beauty of your face 
On the other hand, there is nothing more beautiful than a natural face care, and for this you have to pamper your skin well before the big day. If you want your face look radiant, blemish-free, regain its natural elasticity and look much brighter the best choice is to opt for natural and free facials chemicals like BellaVei skin care, which increases hydration the skin on your face by 84%, regains elasticity by 93% and reduces wrinkles and fine lines by 65%. Think lights flashes and wear all your wedding day can make even the most beautiful woman on the planet look undeserved, so moisturizes your skin, apply a good treatment and use a makeup that feels good and that is long lasting.

6. Choose the appropriate accessories 
The accessories that you will use your wedding day is another aspect to consider to look radiant, so once you have chosen the dress is the time to think about supplements. Choose a dress that you like but at the same time makes you feel comfortable, go with your personality and you embellish, and then add accessories to finish the finishing touch. Decide whether llevarás touched or veil, if you put gloves, jewelry which also carry any of the rings with both sellaréis your love, lingerie, earrings, the type of shoes ... Do not leave anything to chance. As for the rings, many women opt for rings with diamonds that give a fine touch and elegant at the same time in the hand of any woman. You think you're going to take the rest of your life, so choose one that goes with you for all tastes and budgets.

7. Give yourself the pleasure of enjoying the moment 
Finally, remember that it is your wedding and is one of the days with more affection and love going to remember so above all enjoy! It will be a day full of magic so enjoy it and live it with the intensity it deserves. Also, he thinks that the day will be very long; will start early and end late, very late. Both your partner like you estaréis from one place to another without stopping, politely greeting everyone dancing your first dance ... and your feet will notice. But you'll not be so lucky and in fact, it is likely that a few hours heels you are preventing enjoy the moment so because it is your day, why not take some spare shoes such as sandals no heel so you can change you and better enjoy the celebration? Your feet will thank you! After all your wedding is holding something wonderful in your life, so what really matters is feeling good about yourself in this special day will be the beginning of a fascinating new stage. What better than to get into it with the right foot, do not you think?