Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tips for a Natural Makeup Look

When makeup is easier to make mistakes and fall into extremes. Notes to make you look young without looking disguise.

Tips for a Natural Makeup Look

Here are Natural Makeup Look Tips:

Do not overdo the base.
The first is to find a base that is the same shade of your skin, apply all over your face and neck with upward and gentle strokes to prevent redden.

No hidden the arrugas.
The lines are not the enemy, they are signals of experience that never contradict want to look young. If you try to cover them very base, you will achieve the opposite effect and make me look deeper. Enlighten them with a concealer brush with a lighter than your skin tone.

Do not abuse the shadows.
While metallic shades are all the rage, it is better not to get excited a lot with them. If you will use, other than around the eyelid because they add up years.

Do not check your cheeks.
Red and terracotta should disappear from your makeup that accentuate skin imperfections. Use blush pink or pastel shades giving a youthful touch.

No red rouge.
The intense colors accentuate the cracks in the mouth, so look for a semitransparent tone, pink or coral wine.

Tones the skin.
Before applying makeup, passes through the invigorating face with a cotton ball. This will help the makeup last longer and your skin look fresh and radiant during the day.

Do not overdo the mascara.
Use a layer to give volume to the eyelashes. Use clear mascara is also a good option to give definition without recharging look.

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