Monday, July 18, 2016

Follow these tricks to care for your nails

Nails are those extensions of ourselves that protect us and stylize or, conversely, make us look like a shoe.

Sometimes we believe that the nails are tools for all, so we decided to tighten screws with them, but what if they are not strong enough?

Also we make the mistake of trying to remove every loose cuerito we see, without wounding fingers. This simply tells us that we need to take better care of our hands and our nails. So I want to give you some tips to care for them naturally.

Garlic: Yes! You read that right. Garlic loved by many and hated by others, is an ally for our health, especially that of our nails. Has fungicidal and antibacterial effect, it gives shine to the nails and helps harden. .
There are several ways to use garlic, there enamels and bring the essence of garlic and are available in the market or you can make your own remedy at home: crushes a few cloves garlic and add them to shine polish or cut into rub slices nail, let stand for a few minutes and rinse. (To remove the rub half a lemon and ready smell).

Argan oil: If the nails are brittle or yellowish, mixed with a little lemon juice and see the results soon. What I do is that in a jar empty enamel (after washing well with acetone), put half a teaspoon of argan oil and half a teaspoon of lemon juice, mix it well and I put it on the nails with brush enamel about twice a day.

Another way to use argan oil for nails is pure putting it into the cuticle before bed, this makes are always hydrated and thus avoid the hated cueritos and future felons.

Hand cream and resealable bag: This is a simple but effective tip. I like to do it once a week to give deep hydration into my hands after a long week of use and abuse.

I put two hands cream resealable bags, each bag approximately ¼. The close well and I put the microwave for 20 seconds, the bag, the open and put my hand on each bag each, I leave them there for 15 minutes. The sack and cast cream is for all skin of the hands and arms. The effect of hydration prevents nails and cuticles from drying

Monday, April 4, 2016

6 makeup tips for women with oily skin

Not all women have the same skin type, there are those who have dry, normal, oily, or combination skin. But unfortunately, the makeup tips do not serve all alike, and there is always a group that does not serve the tips; so today we decided to give them exclusive tips for women with oily skin , which is probably the most difficult to disguise.

1. Clean and moisturizes the skin with suitable products:
When you have to clean your skin (which is necessary, otherwise you 'll produce more fat), choose specific products that do not clog the pores of the skin, otherwise the granites could sobreinfectarse . Cleaning with water is ideal, or also using micellar water before makeup.

2. Hydration is important:
Serums must become your greatest allies as they work as well as prime treatment for makeup then you'll get.

3. See that brushes and sponges are very clean:
After each wash use brushes with soap and water or a specific product for cleaning brushes. If you use a sponge, also wash it with soap and water after use and ideally, is cáambiarla a new one every two or three days.

4. Apply makeup to pat:
You should not apply makeup pressing it against your skin, or dragging, but to tap. This way you do that best suits your skin because your skin absorbs makeup and be noticed unless you put makeup !!!

5. Use a sponge in areas with more imperfections:
In areas of the face that show any marks, redder areas or pimples, apply foundation with a brush better than sponge and do not forget small touches.

6. Use dust fixatives matificar:
If you use this powder, your makeup will last longer in perfect condition and avoid annoying glare that usually appear with the passing of the hours oily skin. In addition you unificarás the color of your skin and shine it.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

5 tips for using red lipstick properly

Red is a color that expresses passion, so it is usual that many women use it on your clothes, accessories or makeup. Therefore, Beautylizious gives us some tips for proper use of red lipstick.

5 tips for using red lipstick properly

If you have thin lips, it is recommended to lightly outline its contour with a soft tone to make them look fuller. On the contrary, if you have thick lips, you should concentrate a little red intensity in the central and soften towards the ends.

To choose a shade of lipstick, you should be skin tone you have secure. When the skin has pink or bluish hues, then it is best to choose a red lipstick raspberry and roses containing pigments be great, but if you have a warm skin, you have to opt for a lipstick orange tones.

To give your lips a delicate way, it is recommended profile them with a pencil the same color as the lipstick and then fill it. Assist with a brush and be much thicker and color remain intact longer.

Wanting carry red lips, we recommend using little makeup. Remember that the idea is that all the attention go to our lips.

There is no specific time of day to wear red lips, you just need to know to choose the right tone. For morning it is recommended to have a more delicate reddish hue, preferably matte.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Six key makeup tips for sensitive skin

People who have sensitive skin know how difficult it is hit with a suitable makeup. Some dry the skin, others irritate or leave too bright. When it comes to skin that react or have a tendency to redden, it is important to know which products to apply and how they should do.

Six key makeup tips for sensitive skin

Here we give you a few makeup tips for sensitive skin:

1 - Well moisturizes the skin : moisturize the skin is critical to avoid outbreaks, no matter if you have combination skin. For this use right products for your skin type and are for sensitive skin. In the main dermatologic cosmetic brands you can find products to soothe redness, such as facial cream Avene . It is important, spend time on this first step, so that the properties of the cream to act on skin before you apply your foundation.

2 - Apply a concealer : green tone correction, are adequate to compensate for areas that are red. Note that the correction should also be suitable for sensitive skin.

3 - Make - up for sensitive skin : it is important to always choose foundation for sensitive skin, that is hypo - allergenic. These bases have great corrector power and are not very thick. Ideally fluids choose not compact makeups and thus avoid irritations.

4 - Applying makeup : As we seek minimal contact with sensitive skin, it is important that we apply makeup with a sponge, brush or your fingertips. Makeup should be applied after having corrected the red zones and smoothly. Remember that makeup brushes or sponges to clean the must at least once a week, to avoid irritation.

5 - Hypo allergenic makeup : to avoid glare on the makeup you can apply translucent or colored powders that are hypo - allergenic.

6 - Cleaning up : this point is as important as the first, as it is ideal you remove your makeup before bed, can use cleansing milk, micellar water without soap or cleaners.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Seven tips before buying your makeup

Cosmetics and beauty is one of the businesses that more money moves around the world, as an industry that continually changes and generates new brands. When buying makeup always felt confused and that is why we must first distinguish our needs and tastes. There is no point spending money on buying the latest fashion if not within your patterns.

Seven tips before buying your makeup

Here we offer several tips that will make a difference in your makeup kit and of course in your pocket.

STEPS: 1. Budget Review your budget before going to a store to buy makeup.

2. Make a list of things that you have previously purchased. That way you will not buy products and will use repeated that already have before its expiration date expires.

3. Be careful when choosing colors must be aware of your skin tone before buying any product., Which should buy during the day. In light of the stores it does not allow you to identify the color well. Some companies offer free advice to find the shades that best suit you. Take advantage of those opportunities.

4. No need to have a professional makeup kit Just the basics for the portfolio is necessary. In short, products which help you to retouch the makeup job you have done at home. Remember that high temperatures accelerate the decomposition of problems leading up to our skin.

5. Look after your skin Search hypoallergenic makeup but not problems piel. Choosing makeup is not just a matter of style

6. How can we determine what we are buying is healthy? The first thing to do is read the product features and do not have harmful chemicals.

7. To be safe buying few products and take advantage of them well But ... what are commodities?

Undoubtedly, bases and dust are most important. Unify the appearance of the face and that is why you have to choose the shade that is closest to your skin. The flush, on the other hand, should be darker than the skin tone, but without standing out too much. Ideally , have two lipsticks, one of a natural tone for the day and another more daring for the night. The glitter, colored pencils and black coffee and a good mascara are also essential. The shadows give the finishing touch to makeup and you should never forget a good concealer. Always remember that the color corrector depends on the tone of your ojera, although yellow pigmentation are often the best.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tips for a Natural Makeup Look

When makeup is easier to make mistakes and fall into extremes. Notes to make you look young without looking disguise.

Tips for a Natural Makeup Look

Here are Natural Makeup Look Tips:

Do not overdo the base.
The first is to find a base that is the same shade of your skin, apply all over your face and neck with upward and gentle strokes to prevent redden.

No hidden the arrugas.
The lines are not the enemy, they are signals of experience that never contradict want to look young. If you try to cover them very base, you will achieve the opposite effect and make me look deeper. Enlighten them with a concealer brush with a lighter than your skin tone.

Do not abuse the shadows.
While metallic shades are all the rage, it is better not to get excited a lot with them. If you will use, other than around the eyelid because they add up years.

Do not check your cheeks.
Red and terracotta should disappear from your makeup that accentuate skin imperfections. Use blush pink or pastel shades giving a youthful touch.

No red rouge.
The intense colors accentuate the cracks in the mouth, so look for a semitransparent tone, pink or coral wine.

Tones the skin.
Before applying makeup, passes through the invigorating face with a cotton ball. This will help the makeup last longer and your skin look fresh and radiant during the day.

Do not overdo the mascara.
Use a layer to give volume to the eyelashes. Use clear mascara is also a good option to give definition without recharging look.

Top 5 Tips to relieve sunburn

The skin is the outer tissue of the body most affected by sun exposure . The effects of the sun on this can cause irritation, burns, wrinkles and blemishes that can stay for life on our skin. As a preventive measure it is best to act immediately to relieve pain, swelling and reduce discomfort in our skin.

If your skin has been overexposure to sunlight , here are 5 tips to relieve sunburn.

1. Take  cold showers or warm to avoid prolonging the skin burns with hot water, because it causes burning and irritation .

2. Apply honey will help heal burns, it helps to clean the burned area .

3. Make a mask made ​​potato help as a soothing and anti - irritant. It should be applied directly on the burn to achieve decrease pain and reduce blisters .

4. The vinegar will help prevent infection in the burned areas of skin diluted in water and using it as a rinse in the affected area.

5. Remove the gel from aloe vera and apply it on the burned area will help drastically reduce swelling and burning .