Friday, April 1, 2016

Seven tips before buying your makeup

Cosmetics and beauty is one of the businesses that more money moves around the world, as an industry that continually changes and generates new brands. When buying makeup always felt confused and that is why we must first distinguish our needs and tastes. There is no point spending money on buying the latest fashion if not within your patterns.

Seven tips before buying your makeup

Here we offer several tips that will make a difference in your makeup kit and of course in your pocket.

STEPS: 1. Budget Review your budget before going to a store to buy makeup.

2. Make a list of things that you have previously purchased. That way you will not buy products and will use repeated that already have before its expiration date expires.

3. Be careful when choosing colors must be aware of your skin tone before buying any product., Which should buy during the day. In light of the stores it does not allow you to identify the color well. Some companies offer free advice to find the shades that best suit you. Take advantage of those opportunities.

4. No need to have a professional makeup kit Just the basics for the portfolio is necessary. In short, products which help you to retouch the makeup job you have done at home. Remember that high temperatures accelerate the decomposition of problems leading up to our skin.

5. Look after your skin Search hypoallergenic makeup but not problems piel. Choosing makeup is not just a matter of style

6. How can we determine what we are buying is healthy? The first thing to do is read the product features and do not have harmful chemicals.

7. To be safe buying few products and take advantage of them well But ... what are commodities?

Undoubtedly, bases and dust are most important. Unify the appearance of the face and that is why you have to choose the shade that is closest to your skin. The flush, on the other hand, should be darker than the skin tone, but without standing out too much. Ideally , have two lipsticks, one of a natural tone for the day and another more daring for the night. The glitter, colored pencils and black coffee and a good mascara are also essential. The shadows give the finishing touch to makeup and you should never forget a good concealer. Always remember that the color corrector depends on the tone of your ojera, although yellow pigmentation are often the best.

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