Monday, April 4, 2016

6 makeup tips for women with oily skin

Not all women have the same skin type, there are those who have dry, normal, oily, or combination skin. But unfortunately, the makeup tips do not serve all alike, and there is always a group that does not serve the tips; so today we decided to give them exclusive tips for women with oily skin , which is probably the most difficult to disguise.

1. Clean and moisturizes the skin with suitable products:
When you have to clean your skin (which is necessary, otherwise you 'll produce more fat), choose specific products that do not clog the pores of the skin, otherwise the granites could sobreinfectarse . Cleaning with water is ideal, or also using micellar water before makeup.

2. Hydration is important:
Serums must become your greatest allies as they work as well as prime treatment for makeup then you'll get.

3. See that brushes and sponges are very clean:
After each wash use brushes with soap and water or a specific product for cleaning brushes. If you use a sponge, also wash it with soap and water after use and ideally, is cáambiarla a new one every two or three days.

4. Apply makeup to pat:
You should not apply makeup pressing it against your skin, or dragging, but to tap. This way you do that best suits your skin because your skin absorbs makeup and be noticed unless you put makeup !!!

5. Use a sponge in areas with more imperfections:
In areas of the face that show any marks, redder areas or pimples, apply foundation with a brush better than sponge and do not forget small touches.

6. Use dust fixatives matificar:
If you use this powder, your makeup will last longer in perfect condition and avoid annoying glare that usually appear with the passing of the hours oily skin. In addition you unificarás the color of your skin and shine it.

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