Saturday, April 2, 2016

Six key makeup tips for sensitive skin

People who have sensitive skin know how difficult it is hit with a suitable makeup. Some dry the skin, others irritate or leave too bright. When it comes to skin that react or have a tendency to redden, it is important to know which products to apply and how they should do.

Six key makeup tips for sensitive skin

Here we give you a few makeup tips for sensitive skin:

1 - Well moisturizes the skin : moisturize the skin is critical to avoid outbreaks, no matter if you have combination skin. For this use right products for your skin type and are for sensitive skin. In the main dermatologic cosmetic brands you can find products to soothe redness, such as facial cream Avene . It is important, spend time on this first step, so that the properties of the cream to act on skin before you apply your foundation.

2 - Apply a concealer : green tone correction, are adequate to compensate for areas that are red. Note that the correction should also be suitable for sensitive skin.

3 - Make - up for sensitive skin : it is important to always choose foundation for sensitive skin, that is hypo - allergenic. These bases have great corrector power and are not very thick. Ideally fluids choose not compact makeups and thus avoid irritations.

4 - Applying makeup : As we seek minimal contact with sensitive skin, it is important that we apply makeup with a sponge, brush or your fingertips. Makeup should be applied after having corrected the red zones and smoothly. Remember that makeup brushes or sponges to clean the must at least once a week, to avoid irritation.

5 - Hypo allergenic makeup : to avoid glare on the makeup you can apply translucent or colored powders that are hypo - allergenic.

6 - Cleaning up : this point is as important as the first, as it is ideal you remove your makeup before bed, can use cleansing milk, micellar water without soap or cleaners.

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